Premiere Representation for Law Enforcement

We are proud to represent law enforcement officers throughout the state. As the only firm servicing the Utah Fraternal Order of Police ("FOP") legal plan, we have hard-to-find experience with virtually every municipal and state law enforcement agency. As part of FOP legal plan protection, we are available to assist officers facing discipline, termination, or who want to file administrative grievances. We also provide representation for sworn officers at POST, before accident review committees, and at the Utah Court of Appeals.

We have particular experience in officer involved critical incidents ("OICIs") and use of force reviews. We provide immediate response to OICIs and during the following protocol investigation. Our attorneys are either Force Science certified, police officers, or both. This unique background gives us the ability to more effectively understand and represent officers in use of force incidents and ensure the officer's rights are protected during the process.

For more information on Force Science and the value it brings to LEO representation, click here.

We are eager to help any law enforcement officer in the state, regardless of FOP membership. This includes administrative representation. We provide discounted rates to officers who are not FOP, but the same services are free to officers who were FOP at the time of the incident. Maintaining active FOP membership is the surest, least expensive way to ensure you have competent, effective legal representation should the need arise. To join the FOP, click here.

Special Rates on Other Services

We offer significant discounts to all law enforcement officers on all of our legal services. We have substantial experience representing law enforcement officers in divorces as well as in other civil actions. We also offer preferential fee arrangements to officers and their families in personal injury actions.

Our goal is to put our experience to work in service of those that serve us.