Experienced with Law Enforcement Divorces

While similar to standard divorces, divorces involving active duty and former law enforcement officers (LEOs) involve particular nuances that not every attorney has the experience to address. At Nelson Jones, PLLC, we have worked with numerous peace officers throughout Utah in handling the complexities of their divorce.

Helping You Understand All the Implications with Utah Retirement System ("URS")

LEO divorces often include the various aspects of a typical divorce, such as child support and custody. However, they also include a number of other factors. For instance, law enforcement pensions and retirement are often included in asset division, and the non-LEO spouse may be entitled to some of these assets through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order ("QDRO"). These assets must be handled very carefully depending on your interest in the action. Failing to address certain benefits can cause an LEO or a former spouse to deal with unwanted consequences.

LEO divorce is a highly specialized area that warrants skilled representation and individualized solutions to meet your needs. Our attorneys help you understand the various factors in play, so you can be involved in shaping the results of your divorce.

Ensure You Receive Your Fair Share

When determining the division of LEO benefits, whether you are a police officer, corrections officer or the spouse of one, you need to ensure you are treated fairly throughout the process. Our lawyers are among some of Utah's most talented family law attorneys, and we offer our services at a value that's hard to beat in our region - at a rate that is frequently reduced for our brothers and sisters in law enforcement.

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