Other Areas Of Practice

Criminal Representation for Law Enforcement, Their Family, and Friends

Our criminal practice focuses primarily on the needs of law enforcement officers. Because of our close affiliation with the Utah Fraternal Order of Police, we are highly selective about taking criminal cases from civilians. Instead, we prefer to focus on sworn officers and those close to them. Police, like others, can find themselves facing criminal prosecution. Unfortunately, we often see spouses and significant others abusing the legal system. Whether it is a frivolous allegation of unlawful conduct, an abusive protective order, or an administrative complaint that takes on a life of its own, we are ready to help protect officers at every level.

We understand the interplay between a criminal case, an administrative case, and POST. We realize that officers facing criminal charges face much greater risks to themselves and their careers than members of the general public. We also understand that officers often have to fight to clear their names because the plea agreements offered to most criminal defendants can effectively end an officer's career.

We know that selecting a defense attorney is difficult, especially given the stress of a pending criminal charge. Our goal is to offer compassion, understanding, and client engagement, along with our unique law enforcement experience.

We offer free consultations so you, as a potential client, have an opportunity to get to know us. We believe, after visiting with us, you'll find us to be experienced, proficient, compassionate, and aggressive attorneys capable of delivering excellent results.

Business Law

The attorneys at Nelson Jones have significant experience with small to mid-size businesses and have represented a variety of companies on a host of different legal matters. Current and former clients include Air Medical Resource Group, Payroll Management Inc., Jim Isaac Construction, and Heebeegeebeez Comics and Games. We can assist with most civil litigation issues, including, commercial leases and purchase agreements, contracts, employment disputes, and civil actions.

We never charge corporate clients exorbitant rates often seen with other firms. Regardless of revenue, we understand the need to keep legal expenses down. We deliver value without compromising quality or results because we want our business clients to be able to come back to us for all their future needs.

We can aid in the selection and formation of an appropriate business entity, the resolution of an internal or external business dispute, the enforcement of contractual obligations, and navigation of the labyrinth of regulations imposed by state and federal government. If you need advice addressing legal issues relating to your business, the attorneys at Nelson Jones are here to help. We are happy to discuss your legal options at no charge, and because we understand the value of both time and money we offer extremely competitive hourly rates.