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Process to modify child custody orders can be challenging

When circumstances change for Utah parents after a divorce, the best-laid plans can become impractical. Child custody and parenting plans may need modification if one or both parents have remarried or relocated to different areas, and when a child needs to go to a different school. Specific procedures must be followed to have the court modify a child custody order.

The original order can arise in regard to any one of several types of court cases that may include divorce, annulment, paternity, separate maintenance, adoption, protective orders, parental rights termination and more. A petition for modification of child custody must be filed in the court that issued the original order. Either parent has the right to file such a petition in the appropriate court.

Where to look for hidden assets in divorce

Sometimes, when marriages end in Utah or other states, one of the spouses may take steps to conceal assets to exclude them from property division. An unsuspecting soon-to-be ex-spouse may be none the wiser and lose out on assets to which he or she has an equal right. Some people can become creative in divorce, and help might be required to do the necessary detective work to locate hidden assets.

A suspicious spouse can look for paper trails to uncover concealment. The first place to look might be the other party's income tax returns, which might indicate the sources of income that could then be examined. These could be sources of wages and information about plans, such as a 403(b) or 401(k) that might be marital property. Information about interest income from investments may be uncovered.

Can shared child custody ensure strong parent-child relationship?

What is the secret to ensuring that children remain happy and healthy throughout and after a Utah divorce? It is often reported that the growing trend in family courts around the country is to now favor awarding shared or joined child custody -- unless there is a need to protect a child from neglect or abuse by a parent. However, that idea was dispelled by a professor of adolescent and educational psychology at a university in another state.

This notion was re-examined by the professor, who noted that it is not easy to believe that the courts still favor mothers despite so many studies indicating the advantages of shared parenting. She says statistics show that over 80 percent of all custody cases decided by courts nationwide award full physical custody of children to mothers. The professor's study indicates that the only two factors that are required for happy, well-adjusted children are Mom and Dad.

Military divorce: Online mediation can overcome delays

Ending a marriage will always be a traumatic experience with many challenges. However, those challenges are multiplied when it is a military divorce. Just like parents nationwide, those in Utah also want what is best for their children, but the circumstances of marriage in the military could complicate settlement negotiations.

More and more military couples are discovering the manners in which mediation can help them to reach agreements. Litigated divorces can be time-consuming, and one spouse can be deployed during the divorce process, slowing it down even more. Through mediation, couples can negotiate their own divorce settlements and present them to the court for approval before it issues a final divorce decree.

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna involved in child custody battle

Custody laws in Utah are in place to facilitate the needs of both parents and children. Unfortunately, when parents have disagreements in a custody battle, the children suffer the most. However, both parents must understand that the physical and emotional well-being of the child should remain top priorities. A child custody battle involving the daughter of a famous, high-profile couple made headlines recently, as the couple is close to reaching an agreement about the custody of their daughter.

The couple, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, are trying to reach an agreement on the custody of their only daughter, reports indicate. Rob, the father and star in the reality series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," allegedly looks after the child more than the mother, Blac Chyna. However, Chyna reportedly makes more than Rob, which favors her in supporting their child.

Advice for the unique challenges of divorce

Couples in Utah preparing for divorce do not have to tackle this emotional experience alone. The end of a marriage is a decision that should not be taken lightly and can bring about a roller coaster of emotions. Divorcing couples can come across many obstacles and roadblocks when deciding to break up. Luckily, help is available and there are many resources out there for couples struggling with divorce.

Divorce is an emotionally taxing experience. Those facing a split often have feelings of sadness, which is perfectly normal. Helpful advice would be to set aside a set amount of time to experience these feelings of sadness, then focus on pushing out of these emotions. Another issue that divorcing couples may face could be misplaced feelings of hope after spending mutual time with an ex-spouse. It is important to remember to set boundaries.

Advice for financial protection amid divorce

Contrary to popular belief, the end of a marriage does not have to bring about financial problems. In the state of Utah, divorce can certainly be a taxing and expensive experience. However, there are certain steps that couples can take to help ease the financial burden of a breakup. Of course, complications can and will arise, but if couples work together and make smart decisions, both parties can make it through a divorce without financially damaging themselves.

One of the most important things divorcing couples can do is to plan ahead. Couples will want to familiarize themselves with individual and joint accounts and take inventory of any shared assets. It may be best to close any shared accounts and freeze joint credit cards until the divorce is finalized. It's also appropriate to consider changed passwords on accounts.

Child custody battle ends in Paul Anka's favor in court

Utah parents may relate to a recent situation that concluded with the court handing down a decision with which several people are very unhappy. Singer/songwriter, Paul Anka, was a central figure in the child custody battle as he sought and won sole custody of his 11-year-old son. The child's mother is a former Miss Sweden who has reportedly not seen her son in two years.

The boy's mother is said to be highly upset in light of the fact that the court ruled she will have absolutely no contact with her son, and his father will have sole custody. The woman apparently had a bit of an altercation with Anka's current wife at the courthouse. Anka's wife allegedly rendered  a snide remark regarding the child. Anka, age 75, is said to be thrilled with his recent courtroom victory.

How a prenuptial agreement can help you

Drafting a prenuptial agreement is a big step for any couple that is preparing to get married. First of all, there are important conversations that the soon-to-be-married couple need to have in order to draft a prenup. Those conversations may not be had by other couples that don't get a prenup. As such, those conversations can help the spouses reach a healthy understanding about their relationship going forward.

When you do decide to sign a prenup, you should make sure that both you and your spouse have had a significant amount of time to consider the contract. If you don't have ample time to consider the prenup, then it could be successfully challenged in the future.

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