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Asset and Property Division

Ensuring You Get a Fair Share of Assets


One of the most important aspects of a divorce, especially when there are no children involved, is the division of the assets and property acquired during the marriage. While Utah operates under the rule of equitable property division, equitable does not necessarily mean equal. There are a number of factors the court considers when allocating assets and divorce property in a settlement. With help from an experienced family lawyer, you can ensure you are fairly represented, and you receive the assets you are entitled to.


At Nelson Jones, we have represented people throughout the Salt Lake Valley in a variety of divorce proceedings. We help you understand the full scope of your case, so you can make the decisions that best meet your needs. With asset division, we can help counsel you on what constitutes a "marital asset," what assets might be excluded from division, and how property is likely to be divided by a court. We also offer valuable counsel on matters such as military and state employment pensions, valuation of assets, and the ins and outs of business ownership and valuation.



A Seasoned Team of Attorneys


We have all heard horror stories of one party leaving a divorce with no marital property. When you are up against talented attorneys working for the other party, you need a competent team of lawyers to represent your interests and go toe-to-toe with the other side. Even in an uncontested divorce, a seemingly simple mistake on asset division can have serious and expensive future consequences.


Our firm is composed of attorneys who have a diverse background in family law. Our attorneys have education from some of the nation's top law schools, and some have backgrounds representing high-stakes cases at large firms. We offer the quality and knowledge that you need for your case, and due to our location in Sandy we are able to offer our counsel at rates well below our competitors.


Schedule a free consultation today to discuss the property subject to division in your divorce, and begin exploring the options available to you. Call 801-981-8779 or send us an email to get started.

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