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Civil Litigation Appeals


We are litigators first and foremost. Though we are happy to help with transactional work for individuals and small-to-medium businesses, we always keep an eye on litigation because we know that’s where things really start to matter. We provide business services on a wide range of issues for virtually any type of client, from business organization, to contracts, to disputes. Most importantly, we offer top quality services for less, because we want to protect your bottom line.

Appeals for Law Enforcement and Family Law Matters

An effective courtroom advocate is one thing, but preparing a case for appeal is another entirely. Our firm can help evaluate and handle a case before, or on, appeal. Our experience with civil litigation, domestic matters, and administrative law gives our firm an extra edge at the next level.


Appeals can be costly and prolonged, making it all the more important to have an attorney who can help you make good decisions about whether to appeal and how.


Our practice has been effective in Utah’s higher courts. We advanced and argued cases on appeal that effectively reversed a decades-long trend of appeals courts rejecting cases involving law enforcement and public service employees. We have won major victories that impose limits on arbitrary and overly-restrictive agency action, vague and heavy-handed discipline, and that require agencies to fairly provide information to employees enabling them to more effectively challenge disciplinary actions.

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