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Family Law

Family law disputes can be emotionally tumultuous for everyone involved. Our attorneys take the time to help you understand every aspect of your case. We want to help you make good decisions and feel that you have control over your case. We want you to know we’ll be there during this difficult time and that we’ll use all the tools available to us to protect your family’s future.

Personal Injury

Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to the negligence and misconduct of others. Navigating the legal system without an attorney, can be difficult, especially when you’ve already been hurt.  Rest assured, that we can help you recover and receive as much as possible to compensate you for your injuries.

Administraive Law

Administrative Law

We are Utah’s premier law enforcement firm. Many of our attorneys are current or former officers and we all understand the unique issues facing police. We protect officers throughout the state on behalf of the FOP legal plan and we have been instrumental in changing the law for the betterment of officers across the state.

Crminal Law

Criminal Defense

The two things that matter most in criminal cases are experience and results. We offer both. Our defense attorneys bring significant experience, including trial experience, that matters if your case needs to go the distance. We also understand that here, more than anywhere, results matter.

Civil litigation

Civil Litigation

We are litigators first and foremost. Though we are happy to help with transactional work for individuals and small-to-medium businesses, we always keep an eye on litigation because we know that’s where things really start to matter. We provide business services on a wide range of issues for virtually any type of client, from business organization, to contracts, to disputes. Most importantly, we offer top quality services for less, because we want to protect your bottom line.



Some cases go the distance. When that happens, you need an attorney who is comfortable at the Court of Appeals and beyond. When litigating a case that could end up in Utah’s higher courts, it is critical that your attorney understand how to position the case for appeal. We bring that experience to the table for you, along with our proven track record of results.

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