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Utah's Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense

The two things that matter most in criminal cases are experience and results. We offer both. Our defense attorneys bring significant experience, including trial experience, that matters if your case needs to go the distance. We also understand that here, more than anywhere, results matter.

Criminal Representation for Law Enforcement, Their Families, and Friends

Our criminal practice focuses primarily on the needs of law enforcement officers. Because of our close affiliation with the Utah Fraternal Order of Police, we are highly selective about taking criminal cases from civilians. Instead, we prefer to focus on sworn officers and those close to them. Police, like others, can find themselves facing criminal prosecution. Unfortunately, we often see spouses and significant others abusing the legal system. Whether it is a frivolous allegation of unlawful conduct, an abusive protective order, or an administrative complaint that takes on a life of its own, we are ready to help protect officers at every level. 


We understand the interplay between a criminal case, an administrative case, and POST. We realize that officers facing criminal charges face much greater risks to themselves and their careers than members of the general public. We also understand that officers often have to fight to clear their names because the plea agreements offered to most criminal defendants can effectively end an officer’s career.


We know that selecting a defense attorney is difficult, especially given the stress of a pending criminal charge. Our goal is to offer compassion, understanding, and client engagement, along with our unique law enforcement experience.


We offer free consultations so you, as a potential client, have an opportunity to get to know us.  We believe, after visiting with us, you’ll find us to be experienced, proficient, compassionate, and aggressive attorneys capable of delivering excellent results. 


General Criminal Representation


You’ve Been Charged with a Crime, Now What?


Few people understand how powerful the State is until they are charged with a crime. The time, money, and resources the government brings to bear against criminal defendants is immense. Many people, even the innocent, can be tempted to give up because of this pressure, especially given the risk of losing their liberty or being crushed under fines and/or probation. Few things feel certain after you’ve been charged with a crime, but we believe the first, and best, the choice you can make is to hire an effective defense attorney.


How Does the Process Work?


Each criminal prosecution is different, so discussing your case with someone who understands the process is the best first step you can take. A prosecutor represents the government and files criminal charges against individuals. The prosecutor needs to present enough evidence to prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt, whereas a defense attorney needs to present the best possible defense to assist his or her client. Prosecutors are people too, they can focus on the wrong things and lose sight of the bigger picture.


Fortunately, our justice system offers real protections for the accused, but it takes intelligence and experience to be effective against the government. A good criminal defense attorney should be able to negotiate but must also know when to fight.


Experience Is Essential


An important factor to considering in choosing a criminal defense attorney is the experience one has in conducting jury trials. The attorney at our firm have tried virtually every kind of case, so be ensured that you’ll have the experience necessary representing you.


Our Senior Trial Associate, Nathan Evershed, was a Deputy District Attorney inside the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office (DA’s Office) for 11 years. During his time inside the DA’s Office, he became very familiar with the entire criminal process. Nathan screened cases presented by law enforcement, charged cases in court, filed and argued motions, presented evidence at all stages of the criminal process and went to jury trial dozens of times. Many of his jury trials were some of Utah’s most high profile these past 11 years.


With over a decade of experience in the DA’s Office, Nathan was actively in court week to week and developed the skills to become a very effective litigator and one of the most respected criminal attorneys in Utah. Nathan’s experience on the other side offers him unique insight that makes him particularly well equipped to defend your case.


All of our criminal defense attorneys are equipped to handle your case. We pride ourselves on offering a higher level of service and the ability to be effective at trial. Put our proven track record to work for you.


The Criminal Justice System Is Complex – Use A Skilled Lawyer


The criminal justice system is complex and multi-leveled. We have experience with each step. From the investigation stage, to screening charges, to filing, to pretrial hearings, preliminary hearings, motion hearings, jury trials, and post-conviction matters.

Each of these stages provides us unique opportunities to help you be successful. If your case does go to trial. Things get more complicated. You could see:


  • Strategy sessions

  • Pretrial Motions

  • Jury selection

  • Presenting a quality opening statement

  • Cross-examining prosecution witnesses

  • Establishing a defense and determining the witnesses and evidence to present to create the best defense

  • Determining if the client should testify and ensuring he’s prepared

  • Arguing jury instructions

  • Presenting a compelling closing argument



Facing criminal charges is never easy. It is important to pick the attorney that you think can best defend your case.


Years Of Experience With Prosecutors And Judges – For Your Benefit


With his years of experience as a prosecutor, Nathan has experience with many prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officers. That experience gives Nathan a unique insight into how specific prosecutors view cases and how judges have ruled. These insights and relationships are useful in negotiating a case or knowing whether to take a case to trial, which Nathan has done dozens of times.


Our other criminal defense attorney bring similar experience to bear and can offer insight in how best to manage your case. Protect Yourself, Hire An Attorney If you are facing criminal charges, you’d be best served by hiring the team that has experience and capability to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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