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Enforcement of Orders and Contempt

Enforcing Current Orders and Contempt Actions


The enforcement of court orders can be a daunting process, and proving your case can be tricky, even if the facts are on your side. Worse, the procedures for enforcement proceeding vary depending on which part of the state the motion is filed in. In order to provide the best chance of success in an enforcement proceeding, we recommend that people utilize the services of a competent attorney.


Located in Sandy, Nelson Jones has the experience to help present the relevant facts to the court in a manner that will help the court make the right decision. Whether the other party is not following the divorce decree or you are defending against unreasonable requests for payment, we can help represent your case.


Enforcing Child Support Payments


Prompt and complete payment of child support is a common problem. Conversely, many parents might find themselves in a position where they are financially unable to keep up with a child support obligation.


When you are not receiving the money you need to support your child, our lawyers can help you secure those funds by filing a contempt action against the other party. While the process can be long and complicated in Utah, it is well worth it to secure the funds you need to care for your child. Another option is to engage with the Utah Office of Recovery Services, which is the state agency dedicated to collecting child support.


If you are unable to keep up with the child support payments outlined in your current agreement, we can defend you in contempt cases and help you advocate for modification or adjustment in the order. Our attorneys have the knowledge and ability to advocate your best case against opposing counsel, the State of Utah, or the Court, and can do so at a value that is hard to beat.


Enforcing Alimony Payments

When a party is faced with seeking court assistance to enforce alimony, an order to show cause is the most common solution. During such proceedings, a court may find the payer spouse in contempt of court and may issue a judgment for past due alimony or order the payment of a fine, as well as the payment of attorneys fees. The court also has the power to place the offending party in jail — though this remedy, due to its severity, is very uncommon.

To explore your options in upholding your divorce agreement, schedule a free consultation by calling 801-981-8779 or reaching out online.


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